Writing Works | MacEwan University, EdmontonThe MacEwan Writing Works offers a variety of outreach programs for community members and students who would like to improve their writing, editing, or presentation skills. Using a short-course format, expert instructors will teach you how to communicate more effectively in the work place, how to get a book published, or how to write a steamy romance! And these are just a few of your options. Upcoming Writing Works courses for your learning pleasure, on behalf of Writing Works Coordinator Jenna Butler, who says, “There are some great courses coming up this term and next — especially Don Trembath’s, which is starting soon!”

Games Writers Play Learn how to transform the “work” of writing into “play.” Through a variety of hands-on strategies or “games,” you will create real characters, develop solid storylines, describe ideal settings, write believable dialogue, and practice pulling them all together. Develop your skill as a fiction writer. Come to class prepared to write – and have fun while you’re at it!
WRIT 0236-W001
6 Tuesdays, January 22 – February 26
6:30 pm – 9 pm
Instructor: Don Trembath
$154, noncredit

Plain Language for Business Learn how to make your writing user-friendly. Develop clear expression, appropriate tone, and effective patterns of organization and presentation. Communicate more effectively with your colleagues, clients, and customers.
WRIT 0100-W001
Saturday February 2
9 am – 4 pm
Instructor: Deborah Lawson
$154, including handbook, noncredit

Social Media for Writers You are a writer. Your ideas can hardly be encapsulated in 140 characters, your message is far deeper than a status update, and the connections you make have nothing to do with LinkedIn. Everyone says you should be using social media, but why? And how? This course will explore how other writers use social media and how you can, too. It will look at how social media allows you to connect with your audience and spread your work to new audiences. And it will give you some management techniques to ensure you don’t waste your valuable writing time.
WRIT 0253-W001
Saturday February 9
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Instructor: Karen Unland
$154, noncredit


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Dr. Jenna Butler
English Faculty, Creative Writing and Literature
Manager, MacEwan Writing Works
Office 6-284, MacEwan University
Edmonton, Alberta