Wordpress or Joomla WorkshopIf your nonprofit organization is planning a website redesign this year, using either or both of the world’s two most popular free and open source content management systems — WordPress and Joomla! — is a great choice. These award winning systems used by the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, the Alberta Federation of Labour, the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Equine Canada, Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, Alberta Media Arts Alliance and the Alberta Safety Council and the  along with millions other nonprofit organizations in Alberta and around the world including Harvard University and the Guggenheim Museum, make it easy to design, build, extend and easily maintain powerful websites in all shapes and sizes.

This workshop, designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, will take participants step-by-step through the process of designing, building and maintaining a website in these popular content management systems. In the morning workshop we focus on using WordPress for websites. In the afternoon the focus is on Joomla!

By the end of either workshop, you’ll able to decide if WordPress or Joomla! offers you the better option. You’ll also have a firm handle on what to do next and access to training videos so you can easily accomplish the rest. Both workshops are suitable for beginners and novices as well as those with some experience with web development or for those whose job it is to ensure that their nonprofit organization’s website is well designed, easily managed and cost-effective.

You’ll learn to:

  •     Register your domain name or manage your current domain name
  •     Design a new website or redesign your current one using WordPress and Joomla!
  •     Create a layout and editorial plan for your new or redesigned website
  •     Install the necessary software on your server and understand the process
  •     Locate and install free or almost free professionally designed themes or templates for your website
  •     Assess and install any of the more than 4,000 applications that extend the function of WordPress and Joomla!
  •     Customize your theme or template to match your organizations corporate colours
  •     Post text, images, podcasts and other multimedia to your website
  •     Optimize images, text, multimedia and the website for Google and other search engines
  •     Monitor the activity on your website with Google Analytics
  •     Integrate social media applications within your website
  •     Create a mobile website with the click of a mouse
  •     Update the software with ease
  •     Backup your website automatically
  •     and much more…

Where: St. Albert Youth Community Centre
When: Wednesday, January 30
Wordpress morning session: 9 to noon | Register online here
Joomla! afternoon session: 1 to 4pm | Register online here
Fee: $195 per person, per session.

  • Limited to four participants per workshop
  •     Includes recommendations based on your current website & your future objectives
  •     Includes online access to the resources referenced in the workshop
  •     Includes access to WordPress and Joomla! training videos
  •     Option to include a three hour private session after the workshop

Call 780-695-5675 to ask questions and register over the phone.