lift her up campaignThe Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters has created a campaign “Lift her Up”, to counter the misogynist rallying cry heard on the steps of the Alberta legislature last weekend. Contrary to the copy-cat cries to “Lock her Up” , we know – based on a survey conducted earlier this year, that most men in Alberta agree that sexist, violent language and the sexualization of women in media and popular culture helps to legitimize violence against women”. In fact, we have seen improvements in men’s attitudes about violence against women over the last four years, according to a study conducted for ACWS by Leger Marketing. Shelter directors gathered in Edmonton for their December meeting voiced the concern about the effect these hateful messages have on our province’s boys and girls. 

This poor behaviour is teaching our future leaders that its ok to bully women in power – well, it’s not OK to bully anyone – mother, sister, daughter or legislator”! Nor are these messages very encouraging for those women and children coming through shelter doors.

As Edmond Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [or women] do nothing”. To that end,

We cannot tolerate this hateful language – this war on women in power, anymore”, stated Jan Reimer, Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters Executive Director.

We ask you to follow us and join us in calling down this language at #liftherup. We’re lifting up our sisters in the legislature, the boardroom, the classrooms, the living rooms and in women’s shelters throughout our province – and holding them up, buffering them against the bullying rhetoric that we are seeing for political gain.

Lift her up will be an ongoing campaign to support Alberta women’s shelters. We will be selling Lift Her Up t-shirts to support Women’s Shelters on our website next week.

For more information contact:

Janet Martin
ACWS Communications Advisor
Phone: 780-456-7000 Ext 231