Emerald-AwardsFor the past 26 years, the Emerald Awards have recognized and celebrated the outstanding environmental achievements of large and small businesses, individuals, not-for-profit associations, community groups, youth and governments. Uniquely Albertan, the Emerald Awards are the only award of their kind in our country, showcasing environmental excellence across all sectors. Each year from November until February, the Alberta Emerald Foundation receives Emerald Award nominations in 12 established categories.  A panel of knowledgeable judges with cross-sector experience carry out an independent evaluation based on established criteria and select the finalists and recipients.

The Emerald Awards are presented every June, coinciding with Canadian Environment Week. The 26th Annual Emerald Awards were presented on June 6, 2017 in Edmonton.



Recognizing large businesses (of 101 employees or more) and small businesses (of up to 100 employees) that demonstrate a significant ongoing commitment to the environment, social responsibility and exceed normal practices or statutory duties.

Large Business

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Sustainability Program
Lake Louise

Small Business

Bullfrog Power

Education (school or classroom & post-secondary)

Recognizing classrooms, schools or school boards within the formal education system, formal educational curricula, and programs as well as post-secondary programs. The category acknowledges those nominees that have gone beyond the normal practices and shown leadership and creativity in educating students about environmental matters.

Education: School or Classroom

Aspen Heights MicroSociety
Red Deer

Education: Post-Secondary

NAIT – Alternative Energy Technology Program

Public Education & Outreach

Recognizing individuals, organizations and on-the-ground local initiatives within the non-formal education system that demonstrate leadership and creativity in educating the broader public about environmental matters.

Alberta Council for Environmental Education – Advancing
Environmental and Energy Education in Alberta

Community Group or Not-For-Profit Association (Grassroots [annual budget < $750K] & Large Organization [annual budget > $750K])

Acknowledging environmental achievement by grassroots community groups, volunteer initiatives, not-for-profits and professional associations, this award recognizes particular initiatives that demonstrate the group’s commitment to the environment and has produced measurable positive change.

Community Group or Not-for-Profit Association: Grassroots

Decentralised Energy Canada

Community Group or Not-for-Profit Association: Large Organization

Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta – Recycling Without Limits

Government Institution

Recognizing all levels of government, Crown corporations, public institutions, agencies, boards, etc., that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the environment and exceed normal practice or statutory duties. This category includes universities, colleges and schools at the facilities or governance level (i.e. facilities enhancements or policy changes).

Government Institution City of Edmonton – Root for Trees


Recognizing young people for initiatives that contribute to the future environmental well-being of the province of Alberta. The finalists have taken innovative action and demonstrated commitment to address or substantially mitigate a local, regional or provincial environmental issue. They have also shared the results and lessons learned so that others might be inspired to undertake similar initiatives.

The Green Medium

Emerald challenge award: innovation

Recognizing an individual or organization who has developed a new method, idea, or product that positively impacts the environment. This category recognizes ground-breaking concepts that are currently in development that will be a catalyst for growth and success.

Cuku’s Nest Enterprises Ltd. – The Mosaic Centre for Conscious
Community and Commerce

Shared Footprints Award

The Shared Footprints Award recognizes and celebrates projects that go beyond normal land management practices to have a positive impact on the environment. Recipients of the Shared Footprints Award have demonstrated land and water stewardship, built shared knowledge, improved air quality and reduced land disturbances.

Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership
 By showcasing the ingenuity, dedication and hard work of our recipients and finalists, others will follow; the innovative will become the norm, resulting in a healthier and cleaner environment.

For more information, please contact:
Gregory Caswell
Communications & Outreach Manager, Alberta Emerald Foundation
P: 780.905.0390