Alberta-EcotrustThere is a need for a fundamental shift in the way Alberta’s citizens and organizations think about environmental issues and solutions. Rather than simply fight against what we as a society don’t want, we have to design and build what we collectively do want – a just, prosperous and sustainable future. An Alberta that celebrates the critical value of healthy communities and ecosystems, social and technical innovation, and includes all people, organizations and governments embracing truly sustainable practices for decades to come!

Has Alberta reached a tipping point on climate change and its impact on water and land use? We think so. At previous Gatherings, we focused on changing the climate of how Albertans work together on the environment, and breaking through barriers that hold us back. This year, there will be less traditional speaking spaces (such as panels), and more time spent on idea cultivation, effective collaboration, and re-imagination.

Experience another exciting and strategic opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for the environment. Collectively, we will develop and deepen the skills required to change our course to sustainability and create the future we want, and more importantly – need.

This March, join Alberta Ecotrust in creating Alberta’s environmental future through a solutions-focused and activity-based Gathering.

Program Highlights

Thursday Evening – Networking Reception at Studio Bell
Location: The King Edward Hotel at Studio Bell, Calgary

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Networking, Light Snacks and Cash Bar

The Environmental Gathering will begin with a networking reception at the renowned and restored King Eddy Hotel in downtown Calgary on the evening of Thursday, March 8th. Open to both invited guests and Gathering attendees, join your friends, colleagues and other environmental champions from across the province to connect, mingle, eat and drink in anticipation of two great days to follow!

Friday Morning – Big Ideas for Alberta’s Future
Location: Ross Glen Hall in the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning, Mount Royal, Calgary

After an inspirational opening, participants will embark on an ‘impact journey’ aimed at accelerating a path to the future. You will meet Dr. Alex Bruton who, with colleague Jeff Couillard, will guide this journey over the course of the Gathering. The morning will feature a selection of organizations or individuals with inspiring and solutions-focused ideas having a clear emphasis on paving that positive path forward.

These big ideas for Alberta’s future will be delivered in a fast-paced, entertaining PechaKucha style format followed by longer conversations in small groups with the presenters to explore the ideas and approaches.

Confirmed Presentations:

Ingredients for a Zero-Waste, People-Driven Food Economy
Aman Adatia, Fare Community

Transition to a Circular Economy
Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta

Carbon Pasture: The Cool Solution to Hot Planet
Sean Chuan, Agriculture Research & Extension Council of Alberta

New Ideas on Food Resiliency
Julie Walker, Full Circle Adventures

Data for All: Elevating Citizen Science in Alberta
Tracy Lee, Miistakis InstituteSustainability Forever! The Union Makes Us Strong…And Green
Caillie Mutterback, Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Friday Afternoon – Getting to Big Value Ideas with Alex Bruton

Inspired by the Big Ideas for Alberta’s Future presentations, it is time to explore your own ideas! Alex Bruton will deliver an experiential workshop to help you design really big value ideas – the kind that can’t help but make significant change in the world around us because they’re highly impactful, highly feasible, and highly passion-nourishing. And you’ll take away the DIY tools for doing it again with colleagues, either on your own whiteboards or on the back of the next napkin you run into.

About Alex

Dr. Alex Bruton helps people (learn to) innovate. He’s spoken, led workshops, and guided innovators in places ranging from Moscow, to Mexico, to Seattle, to Waterloo, including an invited talk at Google. And he’s been recognized as Entrepreneurial Educator of the Year in Canada. He’s been an engineer, a manager, a several time entrepreneur (in both technology and social impact), and a tenured professor of entrepreneurship (in both business and engineering schools) – among other exciting roles. Today he teaches at the University of Calgary, he’s the founder and president of a practical open education and innovation design firm, and he is the co-founder of The Straight Up Business Institute. He looks forward to meeting and working with you!

Join Minister Shannon Phillips at the Environmental Gathering!

Shannon-PhillipsShannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office, will be joining us at the  Environmental Gathering to give the opening keynote address.

Since taking office, Minister Phillips has led the government’s Climate Leadership Plan which is designed to diversify the economy, create new jobs and improve Alberta’s health.

As Minister of Environment and Parks, she has been responsible for the creation of Alberta’s newest park in the Castle and a historic reinvestment in Alberta’s park system.

The Minister will also be joining us at the Opening Reception on Thursday evening at Studio Bell.

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