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Alberta Non-Profit Housing Conference

June 22, 2017 @ 7:30 am - 4:30 pm


The Alberta Non-Profit Housing Conference will look beyond the day-to-day operation of affordable housing. Join others looking at housing from a strategic and systems perspective on how to drive positive change and move things in our own communities too!


Charles MacArthur
Senior Vice-President Regional Operations and Assisted Housing,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Housing is an essential part of the federal government’s approach to strengthen the middle class, fuel our economy and improve the lives of Canadians. It was the largest single commitment in Budget 2017 and will continue to be front and centre this year as the government announces the most comprehensive National Housing Strategy in our country’s history.

Mr. MacArthur will share insights about the Federal Budget and speak about how CMHC is using what they heard during the National Housing Strategy consultations to shape the upcoming strategy.

David Irvine
President, The Leader’s Navigator

We often speak of the need to collaborate and partner in human services and social sectors, but how does trust play out when individual needs and competing interests are so often at play? Trust is key to developing successful relationships and partnerships and lies at the foundation of every interaction. Trust is the new global currency and it crosses cultures and generations. Regardless of your position, the ability to create and maintain trust is among our number one professional challenges today. Take this opportunity to step back and gain a renewed perspective on trust from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and authenticity. In this reflective keynote address, you will be inspired by a new view of trust, and how to build and restore it around you.

Sandra Hamilton
President, The Sequoia Group Ltd.

Sandra Hamilton believes that Canada’s anticipated $150+ billion investment in infrastructure, must address inequalities and be an investment in people. Consequently, Hamilton has developed an industry supported pilot that is working to develop a standardized approach to community benefit procurement, that can be applied across multiple governments.

As business becomes more socially responsible and the non-profit sector becomes more enterprising, Hamilton uncovers the power of public procurement to build linkages that stimulate new approaches to sustainable and inclusive economic development. In this session, we will learn about this rapidly changing landscape and explore Social Procurement – What is it and how is it being applied? We will also hear first-hand from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, about their journey to becoming the first municipality in Alberta to adopt Social Procurement.


Three series of two concurrent sessions will take place in the afternoon.
Each session will be approximately 60 minutes in length.

Beyond NIMBY – Randall McKay and Sharon Oakley, Town of Banff

The Town of Banff hosts one of Canada’s most beautiful and refreshing landscapes, drawing visitors from far and wide. As
an active National Park with 3,600,000 visitors annually, Banff holds the title of Alberta’s most expensive rental market,
with most residents earning below $40,000 per year. In this session, you will hear how the Town is working through its
unique constraints and infrastructure pressures to expand affordable housing and meet the needs of the community.

Housing on the Horizon with CMHC – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

This session will provide an overview of CMHC’s new programs and what it means for the affordable housing industry. An
update on trends, the federal budget, impacts of new mortgage rules, and information related to the National Housing
Strategy will be briefly discussed. There will be a Q&A component to provide expert answers to your questions.

Being Heard Not Just Listened To – IMPACT Consulting, Elan MacDonald and Jason Ennis

Back by popular demand, Elan and Jason will share best practices and tips on ensuring your voice and message are heard
among political and administrative decision-makers and turning communications into results. During the interactive session,
IMPACT Consulting will review the current political and policy climate in Alberta, and provide strategies on how to
effectively engage the government. There will be a Q&A component to provide expert answers to your questions.

Building Bridges of Trust – David Irvine

Following up from the morning’s keynote address, this session is about putting the inspiration to work with down-to-earth
methods for implementing the philosophy. Discover how ethics and transparency impact trust. Is being transparent really
the ticket to trust, or is there more to it? What is needed to maintain trust? Can you rebuild trust after it is broken? David
will provide practical tools and strategies that can be incorporated into your personal and professional relationships, and
enhance the quality of your life and the places you work.

Policy Innovation for Public Good: Social Procurement – Sandra Hamilton with Laurie Gaudet, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

There is tremendous opportunity for affordable housing to benefit from the concepts social procurement provides.
As business becomes more socially responsible and the non-profit sector becomes more enterprising, Hamilton shares the
power of public sector procurement to stimulate new approaches to sustainable and inclusive community development.
Social Procurement is gaining momentum from both strategic policy and practical implementation perspectives in
communities worldwide. Learn more about what Social Procurement is all about, including how the Regional Municipality
of Wood Buffalo is leading out on social procurement and creating a stronger community.

Strategy for the Inclusion of Affordable Housing that Works – Daniel Legault, City of Montreal

Changes to Alberta’s Municipal Government Act will now enable municipalities to proceed with inclusionary
zoning as a strategy to address the affordable and social housing crisis in Alberta’s communities. The same
thing is also happening in Ontario which recently adopted the Promoting Affordable Housing Act.
The City of Montreal’s approach has been successful with a voluntary and incentive-based Strategy for more
than a decade. What lessons can we learn from this experience, in terms of goals, implementation,
challenges, and actions leading to success and results?

See more info and register at: http://anpha.ca/conference


June 22, 2017
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
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