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The opportunity to post news on this website is offered as a free public service on a Do-It-Yourself Basis to nonprofit organizations in Alberta. No technical or administrative support is implied or will be provided. We publish news releases on this website for subscribers and clients who pay us to  distribute their news releases to the media on their behalf.  In order to maintain the design integrity of the home page,  in order to be featured on the home page as a free service, please post your content as described below. Otherwise, you will be able to post your news releases and event announcement in the Community News category which does not have such design restrictions.

If you are interested in having us distribute your news release or event announcements to the media and also posting on this website on your behalf, you can read more information about these services at www.mediainalberta.ca or call us at 780-695-5675.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any content for any reason if it not aligned with our editorial policies or layout. You must represent a nonprofit organization and the news must be about your nonprofit organization in order to post your news on this website. We are not responsible for the accuracy of your information.

This website is built in WordPress and to use website service assumes you have a basic understanding of how to post articles and images to WordPress. Worpdress is the easiest content management system in the world to learn how to use so don’t be afraid. Your news won’t publish until it’s approved for publication.  If you do not know how to use WordPress and prefer to learn about it before you post your news, you might want to review the free beginner WordPress Videos at www.wp101.com.

Before you post your news, please review the articles now posted on the home page of the website for acceptable style, form and content length. This is the kind of content and article layout we hope you’ll post. Anything else, will likely not get posted.

Image Format:

All images to be 250 px x 250 px, aligned left and optimized for the web. Here’s an example of what 250 px by 250 px looks like:

YWCA Edmonton

Text Format:

Introductory or first paragraph of the news article to be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 150 words. Second and third paragraphs, if necessary, cannot exceed more than 250 words. Total word count of each article to be no more than 400 words.

First Paragraph/Introduction example:

YWCA Edmonton is now accepting nominations for the 2013 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards to be presented by Barry Lycka M.D.  on May 30, 2013. Take some time to reflect upon the exceptional women in their lives and put forward a nomination in one of the following eight categories: Advocate, Arts & Culture, Volunteer, Educator, Entrepreneur & Businesswoman, Trailblazer, Turning Point and Young Woman of Distinction.  Thjey’ve made it easier than ever to nominate the Woman of Distinction. You can now submit nomination forms online.  NOMINATION DEADLINE | Thursday March 28, 2013, AWARDS NIGHT | Thursday May 30, 2013. YWCA Edmonton has launched a website dedicated to reconnecting and celebrating YWCA Women of Distinction nominees, award winners and sponsors.

Number of words for first paragraph = 120 words or so.

If you have more content past the first 120 words, please insert a “Read More” link to the rest of the article. Please do not post content in excess of 400 words.

When you post your article, we will review it and determine if it fits our publication policies as indicated above. You will be notified by email if your article is published. You will not be notified if your article is not published.

Please do not send us your news by email or through the Contact Form on this website! It will not get posted.

We appreciate your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

Thank you for your interest in this free news service for nonprofit organizations in Alberta. We hope you find it useful for your communication efforts.